Indonesia Idul Adha (印尼的宰牲節)

Eid mubarak to all!

Eid al-Adha is a major festival in the Muslim world. Muslims around the world will celebrate this holy ceremony by slaughtering (actually or symbolically) a sheep or cow on this day.

The event of slaughtering sacrificial animals at my uncle’s house

Eid al-Adha (Arabic: عيد الأضحى‎, means ‘Festival of the Sacrifice’ in English).

Sacrifice is a symbol of gratitude. Eid al-Adha is held on the 10th of Dzulhijjah.

Eid al-Adha (古爾邦節, Eid al-Adha) Chinese Muslims are also known as the “Feast of Loyalty and Piety". On 10th of the last month every year in the Islamic calendar, it is one of the two most important holidays in Islam. To commemorate Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) obeying Allah’s commands and slaughtering his beloved son as a sacrifice to express his loyalty. . Although the prophet was very sad at that time, he and his son were obedient servants of Allah. When he was about to take up the sword, the angel came down in the name of Allah and replaced his son with a lamb.

The story of Prophet Ibrahim who was willing to sacrifice his only child, Ismail, to be slaughtered because of Allah’s command.

It makes us aware that everything that God has given us, from wealth, beauty, good looks, to family is a “deposit" (deposit in English) and will return to God.

So as a human being should not be arrogant or love something too much more than love with Allah subhanahu wata’ala (سبحانه وتعالى) Purify oneself and property to be able to sacrifice. In addition, sacrifice can strengthen friendship.

The sacrifice must be old enough, namely the camel is five years old or more, the cow or buffalo is two years old, and the sheep or goat is more than one year old.

In Islamic tradition, every Muslim who is financially capable must also slaughter a lamb. The meat of the animal must be divided into three parts, one part to share with relatives and friends, one part to give alms to the poor, and one part to be enjoyed. the remaining third part. In this happy festival, everyone gathers and shows the spirit of sharing.

People should understand the origin of this festival and the symbolic meaning, Eid al-Adha expresses the piety and obedience of Muslims to Allah. The God has provided us with sufficient supplies, because cattle and sheep were given to all mankind to eat, and we have the right to enjoy them. But at the same time, Islam is against the cruel treatment of animals, and the slaughter must be in accordance with the rules. Islamic law.

Giving purifies oneself. As a form of gratitude. In addition, the act of “giving" can strengthen the relationship.

I think that all the habits and customs in the world will develop more or less over time. Could it be that someday Muslims will accept the tradition of “eating biscuits and cakes in the shape of cows and sheep" instead of slaughtering and sharing food? But before that, we must be willing to try to understand and respect this culture of slaughter, as each of us hopes that our religion and culture can be understood and respected by others!

I think sharing is beautiful, of course. 😊😍.

“Eid mubarak to all!", 宰牲節(阿拉伯語:عيد الأضحى,意為“獻祭節”)。

獻祭是感恩的象徵。宰牲節在 Dzulhijjah 10 日舉行。在伊斯蘭教中,有兩個很重要的節日:開齋節(Eid AlFitr) 和宰牲節(Eid AlAdha)。 其中,開齋節通常為期三天,是穆斯林為了慶祝完成了齋戒的節日。

開齋節(古爾邦節,Eid al-Adha) 中國穆斯林也被稱為“忠孝節”。伊斯蘭教歷每年的12月10日,是伊斯蘭教最重要的兩個節日之一。為紀念先知易卜拉欣(亞伯拉罕)遵守真主的命令,宰殺心愛的兒子作為祭品,以表達他的忠誠。 .雖然先知當時非常悲傷,但他和他的兒子是安拉的順從僕人。當他正要拿起劍時,天使奉安拉的名下來,用一隻羊羔代替了他的兒子。




祭祀牲口需要夠老, 例如,駱駝五歲以上,牛或水牛二歲,綿羊或山羊一歲以上。


人們了解這個節日的由來及其呈現的意義,宰牲節表達了穆斯林對真主的虔誠和服從。神給了我們充足的供應,因為牛羊是給全人類吃的,我們有權利享用。但同時,伊斯蘭教反對殘忍對待動物,屠宰必須符合規則 – 伊斯蘭教法。





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